Mod Arcane coding his first project using the OSRS team

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I feel like if they ordered it at the specific same manner as RS 3 gold has (Pre-wars retreat because its waaaay too OP) with possibly some different rewards or improvements to existing gear/slayer related stuff it'd work good, such as imbues for leafbladed gear, possibly an extra ban/extend slot for tasks after so long etc could even go as far as to grow the term of item degrades and pots by just 5 percent, nothing too OP but stuff that could still allow it to be worthwhile. I hope they just scrap it and he sees he can't just dev what he needs, but what the community as a whole desires.

Tbh though some of it is really good but the bigger picture wasn't considered, which is usually true with brand new devs. In a great deal of instances they look beyond a great deal of obvious nerf alternatives to balance it (in RS3 the helm does not function on boss master tasks such as that would balance things or just to provide 1 task per week or that you have to buy tasks for 50 points or something limited to one per day and the helm is allowed) and they could not have bothered with boss teleports and lots of the tertiary stuff as the osrs community is greatest with slender and non-revolutionary updates that are then expanded on according to community feedback.

This is but a lousy dev arrangement though, they ought to have had him working under somebody about the jungle boss rework instead of changing the most popular skill in RuneScape because his first job. Agreed, slayer is a OP money maker and battle training method already (or guess correctly powered) so meddling at all should be carried out by those nearer to RuneScape and neighborhood. I'm pretty sure it is regarded as a learning experience for him of being effective at adjusting his raw idea to something community could actually vote or watch the outcome of the polls.

There is no way he did some of this without explicit approval from on high. It's not like they simply told him to get cracking and they would poll whatever. He probably got promoted to direct developer for suggesting porting RS3 content and SLAYER Buy RuneScape 2007 gold. I don't think a new mods first job should be on some thing that can/will effect RuneScape in such a sizable way/scale. At least not without a shit ton of oversight and babysitting (and that point whats the point, just set a experienced dev onto it), which clearly hasn't happened.