How to Make MT Quickly in NBA 2K20 MyTeam

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The article you are reading is about some of common details in NBA 2K20, such My Team

If you have become a member of My Team, you might always search for a better way to play better. The article you are reading is about some of common details in NBA 2K20, such My Team, Virtual Currency and more details, if you haven't understood too much before, read on, it might make you be a millionaire.

Triple Threat Online

The 3v3 Online mode can make you tons of MT quickly, and you’ll also get some other cool prizes to go along with you winnings. Each game gives you 250+ (mostly 300+) MT, plus ball drops that give you 200+ each drop.

Keep in mind, you’ll need to win games to achieve these results. However, you’ll make tens of thousands of MT in less than an hour if you do so.

Flipping Cards

Making MT from Flipping cards falls into two categories: Evolving cards and reselling them or buying low/selling high. The first is easier and more likely, but the second can make some serious profit.

For the Evolution method, you need to pick up Evolution cards from the Auction House (John Wall/Alonzo Mourning are good ones, among others).

From there, you’ll need to perform the cards’ evolution to upgrade them to a higher card level. Once done, they’ll sell for more than you bought them for, netting a nice profit for your time.

For the second method, you’ll need to ‘snipe’ higher card level players from the auction house for low prices. Then, you resell them for their normal price and net typically large profits.

And while the first method may be time consuming, the second method offers no guarantees and you’ll end up frustrated most times. However, either method will make you solid MT.


Challenges can help you earn a solid amount of MT, but don’t expect to get rich off these challenges. Here are some we recommend first:

Moments Challenges: These are 4-or-5 minute games that earn you 2000+ MT per game. They are on low difficulty, but there are only 3 of them that offer MT as rewards.

Kobe Spotlight Challenge: The Kobe Challenges help you earn over 20k MT total for playing 8 games, in addition to over a 100 tokens and two Diamond items.

Spotlight Challenges: If you’re grinding for Harden/Kobe anyway, these challenges will help you earn MT slowly, but surely.

Selling Useless Items

Unless you’re trying to collect cards for collector levels, holding a lot of cards in your collection is pretty useless. Therefore, we recommend selling these cards.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Shoes quick sell for a good amount, and you can sell other cards on the Auction House for decent MT. This will net you solid amount of MT in total.

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